Capstone Behavioral Healthcare has been providing quality services in mental health, chemical dependency counseling, residential and community-based care in Jasper county since 1968. As we start to map our future, Capstone has begun to redefine its core services and adapt to the changing funding streams that fund the agency. Capstone continues to focus on quality and has developed a comprehensive approach to counseling and medical care using only the highest quality staff members we can attract. Capstone provides psychiatric care and medication management using three experienced board certified medical professionals; Dr. Ara Robinson, D.O., Casie Riney, PA-C, Susan Graves, PA-C, Kelsey Frame, PA-C, Felicia Hoerner, PA-C, Jacquelyn Johnston, PA-C, and Paige Reed, ARNP. Their experience and expertise help set the tone for all additional services provided by the agency. Capstone has licensed psychologists, clinical social workers, and mental health counselors who provide mental health and substance abuse treatment in a safe and trusting environment to those clients who are either funded by private insurance, Medicaid or region-approved funding sources. The treatment exceeds the standards set forth by the licensing agencies of the Iowa Department of Public Health and Department of Human Services.